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Specialists in polished concrete, epoxy flooring and floor leveling, concrete repair, and joint filling. Serving middle to east Tennessee.
Evolved Concrete Services


From a luxury garage floor to a practical industrial floor. Epoxy coatings are versatile. It's a super durable floor with several broadcast options, like flakes and sand, etc. Water resistant, weather proof, concrete protective.


A glass like finish. Stunning and practical for just about every floor. Super hard. Reflects like a mirror. Large to small rock exposure. Matte to glossy finish. Great for residential to commercial.


More options like, floor leveling, repairing spalling and breakouts, cracks, joint filling with polyurea, grind and seal finish. And other concrete related repairs and prep.

About Us

With over 20 years of experience in our techniques we take pride in our exceptional quality. Our values revolve around reliability, integrity, and a strong work ethic. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and implementing effective communication every step of the way. Serving middle to east Tennessee.

Pros of Evolved floor system


Very abrasion resistant. Hard and durable floor. Difficult to damage.


A change that is guaranteed to last. Keeps like new over the years. A floor you can count on.


Stays cleaner than any other floor option, and a breeze to clean when needed. Accumulates less dust and allergens.

Holds Value

An investment that significantly improves value. A desirable floor that's stunning and modern. A look that's popularity is growing fast in commercial and residential application.

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